Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy Berlinale!

Directly after the colourful warfare that is "Silvester" in Berlin, the city trudges into a series of fan and fare to distract us from our winter woes. Fashion Week, Transmediale, Grüne Woche and now my favourite film festival. I'll be watching and reviewing films and trying to stay warm and chic* at a few parties.

Here's a review for a Canadian film I saw at last years festival. It was later nominated for a Foreign Language Film Oscar.

If you are also a local, check out the fab Berlinale Blackness guide at the mic movement  for your "what to watch".

* wouldn't this be a great idea for a Canadian fashion magazine? In summer, we could report on what people are wearing in Berlin.

I keep searching for an Inuit, boiled wool coat, but on my last vintage escapade in Toronto's Kensington Market, I found kleenex in the right pocket! I ran over to the owner and asked him to reach in and pull it out. Then I asked if they launder their wares.

One of those traumatizing, second-hand moments that we all endure for the love of the find.


Thursday, 26 July 2012



Working for yourself can be a blessing and a curse, often both in any 24 hour period. Since quitting my job to focus on filmmaking (with the support of a couple of grants), I have been having a hard time structuring my day. Not such a problem, except when I forget to eat lunch.

This week, I forced myself away from all the distractions to eat and plan. A strawberry sundae may not be the most healthy meal, but it put me in a great mood. Create As Folk ( has this great, free tool to help you reflect on your last month's successes and challenges so that you can track what works for you and implement it this month. I love the "48 hours goals" section, which keeps you from just filing the thing out and filing it.

Take away from June 2012: if meet your deadlines, it doesn't matter how much time you spend daydreaming in the shade.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

more film than fashion

In a wonderful twist of fate, my day job has changed from creative manager of a German fashion brand to feature film scriptwriter.

More on the new project and my pastoral work space in the middle of Berlin to come.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

fontastic: fashion week berlin

IMG_1834 BBBparty_high_voltage

from top to bottom:

great tradeshow with up-and-coming brands, armbands galore, waiting in line for the Bread&ButterBerlin party, stil in berlin curates for the voo store, best swag: "boobies" bracelet from and free earrings from the sweetest jewellery designer while waiting in line for the bathroom at the fantastic Edged + Fier Management showroom, the cutest boys were to be found at this skate/streetwear tradeshow, a reminder to keep it real from italian designer Daniele Fiesoli.


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