Wednesday, 7 October 2009

nothing comes from nothing

Back when I was interning at Alliance Atlantis, a large Canadian production and distribution company, I attended a workshop with a bunch of my colleagues where, to break the ice, they asked us to name our favourite movie.

Going around the table, someone said, "I know it's not a film, but I like CSI." The next five people jumped on the bandwagon. To add to the lameness, CSI was coproduced by said company! It was my turn. "If by favourite movie you mean something you never get tired of watching again and again, I'd have to say 'The Sound of Music' ". Silence. Then snickers. The workshop leader told me if I knew what's good for my career, I'd never to repeat this fact again.

Since I don't, I'm saying it loud, I love TSOM and I'm proud! So when I saw this brand, Dainty June, on Sally Jane Vintage who've based an entire collection on the movie, I was filled with glee! I'm going to have to extend my list of favourite things.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


love the editing on this video...simple, great. I could use the tee.

Friday, 27 March 2009

models behind the camera

Making a documentary about someone you know can sometimes result in a lot of "inside jokes" or lack of editing discipline that leave the audience, well, leaving the theatre.*

Looking at the trailer of the debut film from Ole Schell, I'm thinking I want to stay until the end. She spend years following her friend and fellow model Sara Ziff as she rose from the "new face" to top runway and print star. I love what they say about 14 year olds that are 5'10". It's important to remember that models aren't like the majority of women, and they wouldn't be good at their jobs if they were.

PICTURE ME has its world premiere is at the Gen Art Film Festival in New York April 6.

Picture Me from COACD on Vimeo.

*the only time I ever left the theatre before the end of the film was when I went to see ZIDANE: A 21st CENTURY PORTAIT. It felt like I had been sitting in that theatre for a century, and I play soccer! As cosmic punishement I lost my cell phone in the theatre. Now whenever I see a film, I'm in my seat to read the name of the subtitle artist.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

duct tape

I wrote an article a while back about 10 differet uses for Velcro around Ottawa. It was coming up on the anniversary of George de Mestral's invention, and I wanted to pay hommage to the brilliant fastning whose name is a combination of the words "velour" and crochet". The list included keeping hard drives in order at the SAW Video Cooperative to a discreet rental system at the local adult video store.

The foreunner of the "top ten uses for" type of "home hardware" journalism is duct tape. Watching THE WRESTLER, I was fondly reminded of a classic use: repairing the puffy jacket.

Not that the film is a period piece, its just that Mickey Rourke's character is stuck in time. The script portrays this so elegantly, with his Nintendo 64, lack of cell phone, and the elementary school photo of his daughter with out-dated phone numbers crossed out on the back.

It's been a while since I've seen a costume sum up a character so tenderly as that dilapidated jacket. Thinking about it makes me misty for Randy "the Ram" all over again.

Monday, 23 March 2009

"hot bread and butter!"

As if you needed another reason to love TOAST, the British lifestyle brand with the legendary mail-order catalogue... Jenny Zarins, the photographer responsible for all of those "actually I do need a pair of 200 pound sterling slippers woven from the chin hair of virgin goats" photographs decided to take a super-8 camera along for the last catalogue's shooting. Arvid Eriksson put it all together with specially composed music and the result is better than brunch.

Check it out here (the downloading time is worth the wait):

Friday, 20 March 2009

those jeans...MILK

I was pretty slow to jump on the skinny jean bandwagon (I still treat them like leggings), but as soon as I saw the high-waisted denim at Top Shop two years ago, I was hooked.

After seeing MILK, I know I am a convert for life. The biopic is rather conventional (save a great first 15-minutes of mixed media and stock footage that made my heart race), and that's what I loved about it. The story of an extraodinary gay man can finally be convention. I also loved the clothes on all those politically active gay men and women - dreamy. And the tight logo-tees and geek glasses will keep the hipsters happy. Danny Glicker, if you are reading this, let's go shopping next time you are in Berlin...

Goodbye muffin tops! Hello mom-jeans! I can finally understand why some people get locked into a "uniform" that totally dates them. It suits their body and their mindset. This summer, I'm living in San Fransico marching through the Castro in my head.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

that dress... The Reader

Okay so the english accents threw me off for the first third of the movie (couldn't the production afford dialogue coaches for anyone but Mrs. Winslet?) but luckily THAT DRESS showed up on screen to bring me back and suspend my disbelief. has some suggestions for how to recreate the look on high street, but I'll be heading to my fav second hand store here in Berlin, or maybe putting my fabric stash to good use and sewing one up myself.


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