Friday, 20 March 2009

those jeans...MILK

I was pretty slow to jump on the skinny jean bandwagon (I still treat them like leggings), but as soon as I saw the high-waisted denim at Top Shop two years ago, I was hooked.

After seeing MILK, I know I am a convert for life. The biopic is rather conventional (save a great first 15-minutes of mixed media and stock footage that made my heart race), and that's what I loved about it. The story of an extraodinary gay man can finally be convention. I also loved the clothes on all those politically active gay men and women - dreamy. And the tight logo-tees and geek glasses will keep the hipsters happy. Danny Glicker, if you are reading this, let's go shopping next time you are in Berlin...

Goodbye muffin tops! Hello mom-jeans! I can finally understand why some people get locked into a "uniform" that totally dates them. It suits their body and their mindset. This summer, I'm living in San Fransico marching through the Castro in my head.

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