Wednesday, 7 October 2009

nothing comes from nothing

Back when I was interning at Alliance Atlantis, a large Canadian production and distribution company, I attended a workshop with a bunch of my colleagues where, to break the ice, they asked us to name our favourite movie.

Going around the table, someone said, "I know it's not a film, but I like CSI." The next five people jumped on the bandwagon. To add to the lameness, CSI was coproduced by said company! It was my turn. "If by favourite movie you mean something you never get tired of watching again and again, I'd have to say 'The Sound of Music' ". Silence. Then snickers. The workshop leader told me if I knew what's good for my career, I'd never to repeat this fact again.

Since I don't, I'm saying it loud, I love TSOM and I'm proud! So when I saw this brand, Dainty June, on Sally Jane Vintage who've based an entire collection on the movie, I was filled with glee! I'm going to have to extend my list of favourite things.

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