Sunday, 7 March 2010

the big switcheroo

Mr. Film is Fashion is away for the weekend, so I've taken over the apartment with my wardrobe. That's right...let the sunshine in! First phase of seasonal wardrobe switchover.

I'm trying a new system from tchibo this involves vaccuum sealing, and I don't usually handle the vaccuum (I'm on bathroom duty).

Simultaneously packing for a 3-week trip to Ontario, thinking about the epic travel wardrobe in this Meg Ryan film. I hope I'm wearing something as functional as this next time Air Canada/Lufthansa loses my luggage.


  1. Meg's initial wardrobe in the film is anything but functional. It's suffocating in both its design and its conservatism: funeral-director white blouse with top button fastened, bulky cardigan and thick wool peacoat. Granted, as she "loosens up" during the film, so does her wardrobe.

    I'm the first to forego function and comfort in favour of style. But if THIS is comfortable, I don't want you anywhere near it, flying internationally or not. Even if it means falling for a scoundrel like sexily stubbled scoundrel like Kevin Kline who ends up being not-so-much-of-a-scoundrel after all.

  2. Richard (BFF of FIF)8 March 2010 at 19:07

    P.S. Let us know how the tchibo system works. For some reason, I don't think a 9-euro clothes storage solution will provide the all-weather protection you're looking for.

  3. richard: the jeans are pretty close to perfect, the breton striped shirt is classic, and there are whole forums on for people trying to track down that brown leather backpack.

    i just love how the changing outfit reflects her metamorphosis in the film - she's basically doing a 90 minute strip tease until she finally changes into that Hervé Leger dress.

    regarding the storage: i'll keep you posted, but tchibo hasn't let me down yet. If all else fails, I'll start renting closet space from my neighbours.



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