Wednesday, 3 March 2010

fashion comin' at ya!

I love a good gimmick as much as the next guy so I really hope this isn't lame. The first ever*** 3D fashion film to present the next NADA collection? I'm intrigued, all the more so because Nada Shepherd is Canadian.

Unless you have tickets to the premiere on March 17 at the Scotiabank Theatre**, your have to wait until March 18th to check it out here.

And if you love free stuff that are also gimmicks, send a self-addressed, self-stamped standard number 10 envelope to NADA Fashion Designs Inc. 51 Bulwer St., 1st Floor, Toronto ON, M5T 1A1 and they'll send ya a pair of 3-D glasses. Like I don't have a drawer full of 'um already.

** oh how I wish it was being held at one of the old Festival Cinemas like the Royal, where I used to serve popcorn and watch films for free.

*** can you still call it a first after the Burberry live stream at London fashion week?

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