Friday, 26 March 2010

goin' down the road

Heading to Ottawa tomorrow to visit friends so good I like to call them family. After I'll be driving to Toronto to visit the real deal.

Everytime I drive to Toronto, I'm reminded of one of the best Canadian films of all time, Goin' Down the Road. It's about two Maritimers that truck it to Toronto in the hopes of a better life. I too moved to Toronto at one point to follow one of my many, many dreams, and while I have no regrets, there is something about that city that reeks of it (and not just during the garbage strike).

I don't blame the city, it's a wonderful, multicultural mecca, and Kensington Market is my home away from my home away from home. Its just that the expectation is too high, but you need to look like your not expecting anything from anyone. It's definately a "collar up, hands in pockets" kind of town...

Oh man. I'm starting to sound jaded. I blame Berlin. (that's right, I'm dissing two cities in one post!)

Tell me what you love about Toronto!

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