Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Harvest

Ever since discovering I am a mori girl, my wardrobe seems to make sense. I've always envied goths and punks for their ability to create a uniform, with a closet full of mix and match items (although if I were a goth, I would organize my black clothes according to level of fading, as opposed to Roy G. Biv ).

More so, I love pretending I am part of an international community of like minded people. People who "look like they live in the forest", crochet, and love bunnies and vintage (okay, "used") clothing as much as I do... We would travel by bike from all over the world to meet in Humbolthain park for a big hippie-nerdy-cool picnic, complete with cupcakes, devils food eggs and fried chicken (Caribbean-Canadian mori girls are not vegan, and since I'm probably the only one in this sub-category, I think its more than fine).

Susien Chong, one half of the creative couple behind the Australian brand Lover, must be a mori girl. Thanks to Rhiannon for starting the breadcrumb trail that lead to this post :)

I need leather suspenders to lift my lonely spirit today.

The Harvest. Film trailer. from LOVER® on Vimeo.

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