Wednesday, 10 March 2010

runway two ways

A video of Stella McCartney winter 2010 runway show is online.

Is it a criticism of the collection when I'm much more interested in watching the people in the front row than the mini dresses? Who is sitting next to Beth Ditto and what are they jammering on about? Why are so many people dropping their that a sign to their photographers or what? Or is it the secret shopping language of fashion editors, like "That dress is mine! Called it, stamped it, no take backs!"? I'm left totally distracted.

Of course, when I hear Ms. McCartney talk about the show, I'm in love again. Maybe the people who take care of the video content for the Stella McCartney website should take notice - the clothes can speak for themselves, but we can't hear them over the crowd.

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  1. I've found that the live feeds are often just a rough cut, which is then polished and edited in post production before being posted on a fashion house's websites as the official video.

    Sure, it's great to see the collection at the same time as the editors and buyers, but they get paid to wade through the noise, lights and other distractions.

    But the problem is that once these rough cuts are online, eager fashionistas extract the clips and post them on Youtube and multiple sites. These are then re-posted and copied and become just bad fascimiles of the already poor original.

    Regardless of having a well-edited final cut somewhere on an official site, these poorer versions eventually get more exposure.

    I, however, prefer watching runway shows clean and pristine. It helps maintain the illusion that I in no way would want tarnished or disrupted.



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