Saturday, 6 March 2010

vintage shopping with bob

Bob Wiseman, and old friend of my sister and musician extrodinare, played the the most wonderful show at Madame Claud's on Tuesday. The next day, we went vintage shopping together in Mitte. I tried on a wool dress, and while I'm not so into geographic piping, the cut was exactly what I like to rock, batwing sleeves, belted waist and circle skirt with pockets. I was like, "its conservative, but sort of awesome." Bob was like, "Yeah", and I remember thinking, this is what I miss about Canadians.

The clincher was the tag: first of all, 100% wool, and the other "Louis Féraud, Paris" and "Made in W. Germany".

I didn't know about Louis Fèraud, or that his is credited for discovering Brigit Bardot and being her "hausschneider" in the 1950s.
I never thought of myself at a "bombshell", but the Bardot silouette is definately something I've been moving towards in the last years. Now I'm going to have to incorporate the headband.

Bob got a rad orange tie and a bunch of other goodies. I hope he wears it on stage.

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