Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Am I the only person working in fashion who never heard the term "edit" applied to a dress? Ever since finding this Jill Sander promotion for the film "I am love" starring Tilda Swinton, I'm seeing the term everywhere.

Oh and, how embarrassing is it that I thought "deadstock" was a fashion trend, like "mod" or "rockabilly"? I kept seeing vintage dresses, shoes and hats on etsy with no other connection except that they had "deadstock" in the description, and I was like, "wow, what an ecclectic mix - green velvet doc martens, prairie western bouse and black leather chaps. The things these deadstock kids can pull off!"

I'm going to start using my new, fancy, fashion vocabulary in the designroom. Three points to anyone who can use them both in a sentence.

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