Thursday, 10 March 2011

fashion films in the wild

"We need our platforms to be as beautiful, as well thought out, as well art directed as our magazines. It's about context, they need to be viewed in their own right, ideally not as part of an overcrowded YouTube page."

This is what contributor Ruth Hogben had to say at last night's Fashion loves Film screening at the Bird's Eye View Festival about the challenge facing fashion films.

What do you think? Is the jungle a hostile habitat for fashion films? Is vimeo any better?

While you are making up your minds, here's a link to my friend's new youtube channel. The menswear-focussed fashion films look safe and happy there.

1 comment:

  1. Although we chose to launch with Youtube (thanks for the shout-out, BTW!), we must say Vimeo's quality, both aesthetically and in content, is far stronger and more polished.

    For this reason, Vimeo is ideal for original, more legitimate work, be it for art of commerce. Perhaps it's due to the quasi-hipster-art-house cred its gained? Who knows.

    But the question remains one of audience. For the widest reach, Youtube, with its direct link to Google and its users, will continue to reign supreme unless another service can match its number of subscribers as well as its user-friendly functionality.



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