Monday, 18 April 2011

bless the hands

While clicking throught TOPSHOP's online lookbook, this cardigan naturally caught my eye:

I immediately clicked on the "shop this look" button, thinking for sure I couldn't afford something so lovely and hand-crocheted. Then I saw the price and I felt ill. Only 46 pounds? Quick calculation so you can join me in my outrage...that's only 53 euro, or 75 USD!

Since I crochet a lot, I know how much time and effort would go into something like this. I recently made a shawl for a friend of mine with a pattern much less complicated that minute of crocheting that pattern got me about 3 inches of fabric.

the making of casey's amazing cancer curing shawl on the way to stettin from kolberg, poland from Karina Griffith on Vimeo.

The jacket above would take me, an intermediate crocheter about 40 hours. So I ask you, how much is that hand-crocheter getting paid once Topshop takes it's cut?

I don't even what to think about the labour costs to make this coat, originally prices at 110 pounds, marked down to.... 10!:

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