Tuesday, 16 August 2011

eau d'recognition

One of my favourite German brands has relauched with a new logo.


Part of the reason why I loved no. 4711 (the original eau d'Cologne) so much was the old-fashioned packaging. I'm such a sucker for italic and gold...the overindulgent Rococco-esque mishmash reminds me of Florida Water, another "eau" with a pungent smell.


This stuff has also been around for ages, and it is apparently used in magic spells and special prayers (fine line between the two I guess) to ward off bad spirits and the like. I put it on when I know I will be around grumpy people. I can only find it in Caribbean shops, which unlike grumpy people, are few and far between in Berlin.

I'm not sure if the new logo will replace the old, but lately, my cherished echte Kölnischwasser has also been harder to find. So, what do you do when a brand no longer identifies with you?

eau d'collection
Stock up.


  1. I would love to use bottles like these for decor. Where do you find them?

  2. @The Cake: I like the way you think :) Here is an international apothecary that carries it... www.smallflower.com/brand/4711

    If you do a search on "4711 Original Eau De Cologne" you might find something even closer to you.



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