Wednesday, 7 December 2011

all I want for christmas is you


If Germany were my boyfriend, Christmas markets would be a bouquet of roses and copy of ELLE magazine on my doorstep.


We have an "on again, off again" relationship to say the least.  At this time of year, all is forgiven: less than positive experiences at the Auslanderamt (why is it called "outsider's office" and not "immigration office"?), the dog crap on the sidewalks, the cold breakfasts which look like the beginnings of a boring sandwich.

I take you back in my arms, year after year, because you know how to romance me: hot wine with spices (and nuts if you are lucky enough to find a Swedish stand), delicious things roasted and sweetened, and creative variations on the pancake which I long for all year.


I eat and I drink and I take it all in, because I know tomorrow, Germany is going to leave the toilet seat up again.


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