Thursday, 26 July 2012



Working for yourself can be a blessing and a curse, often both in any 24 hour period. Since quitting my job to focus on filmmaking (with the support of a couple of grants), I have been having a hard time structuring my day. Not such a problem, except when I forget to eat lunch.

This week, I forced myself away from all the distractions to eat and plan. A strawberry sundae may not be the most healthy meal, but it put me in a great mood. Create As Folk ( has this great, free tool to help you reflect on your last month's successes and challenges so that you can track what works for you and implement it this month. I love the "48 hours goals" section, which keeps you from just filing the thing out and filing it.

Take away from June 2012: if meet your deadlines, it doesn't matter how much time you spend daydreaming in the shade.


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