Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy Berlinale!

Directly after the colourful warfare that is "Silvester" in Berlin, the city trudges into a series of fan and fare to distract us from our winter woes. Fashion Week, Transmediale, Grüne Woche and now my favourite film festival. I'll be watching and reviewing films and trying to stay warm and chic* at a few parties.

Here's a review for a Canadian film I saw at last years festival. It was later nominated for a Foreign Language Film Oscar.

If you are also a local, check out the fab Berlinale Blackness guide at the mic movement  for your "what to watch".

* wouldn't this be a great idea for a Canadian fashion magazine? In summer, we could report on what people are wearing in Berlin.

I keep searching for an Inuit, boiled wool coat, but on my last vintage escapade in Toronto's Kensington Market, I found kleenex in the right pocket! I ran over to the owner and asked him to reach in and pull it out. Then I asked if they launder their wares.

One of those traumatizing, second-hand moments that we all endure for the love of the find.



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